The Agape Family

Be a Blessing to somebody. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35

Muhawenimana Jonan

 5yrs, Orphan

Mbabazi Sarah

5yrs, orphan

Izabayo Davis

4yrs, Orphan, lives with grand mum

Hafashimana Innocent

5yrs, Orphan

Mutuzo Madina

7yrs, Orphan

Murekatete Miriam 4yrs,

orphan, lives with the Aunt

Nizeyimana Merab

5yrs, orphan

Niyomuhoza Precious

 an orphan, lives with the grandmum

Ntakirutimana Praise

3yrs, Orphan

Twizere Mebal

6yrs, she is an orphan. lives with the grandmum.

Andrew & Gilbert(twins)

5yrs, orphans, lives with grandma

Tubihimana Ronald

8yrs, parents divorced, lives with grandmum.

Nyirabirori Mervis

6yrs, has both parents but the father is mentally unstable.

Nyiramutuzo Angel

7yrs, parents separated, lives with grandma

Zabayo Dorin

6yrs, abandoned by the father. lives with the mother.

Zabayo Joshua

3yrs, parents are peasants, lives with grand mum


Agape Family is a child sponsorship project that is committed to bring new hope to orphans and vulnerable children through the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Just like its name Agape (unconditional love), Agape Family is built on the foundation of love to help the orphans and vulnerable children move out of the poverty cycle and reach their full potential. This is done by supporting them in their education and providing them with other basic needs like clothes, food, shelter and medical care. The Agape Family has 25 orphans and vulnerable children but the number will grow as funds and circumstances allow. We are committed to bringing up these children deeply rooted in the word of God by regularly having Bible study programs, confident that ending the cycle of poverty begins with introducing children to the abundant life found only in Jesus (John 10:10).


Nyarusiza sub-county has been hit with poverty and domestic violence, and the increasing number of children dropping out of school due to lack of support for their education is rampant. The AIDs scourge has also left many children orphans. All this is made evident by the number of children registered facing similar problems. It is to this very point, therefore, that a project like Agape Family intervened to address the problem of vulnerable children that are in danger of becoming school dropouts so that these children do not fall victim. The children of Agape Family include both orphans and non-orphans. The non-orphan children are those being raised by a single parent or grandparent because of instability in the home. This instability may be the result of divorce, physical or mental disabilities, or alcoholism. Some of the parents of these non-orphans simply are very poor.


The Bible tells us that God is love. He is also the creator of love and he cares that his children love each other. This love is evidence that we are truly saved. And how do we love? God answered that question in John 3:16: He loved the world so much that, “he gave his one and only begotten son so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” God loves and gives. Love goes hand in hand with giving. You can give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving. And giving does not necessarily mean only money, but includes encouragement, sympathy and understanding. You can join us in loving God’s children by giving to the Agape Family. For loving, giving and serving is who we are in Christ.


To lead children out of poverty and lead them to Christ through providing the basic necessities such as education, clothing, health care, Bible teaching and preaching for eternal salvation and daily discipleship.


Our aim is to help these children to grow up deeply rooted in Jesus, living a life of love as Jesus has commanded us. When we love, we have not only obeyed his command, but we have put a smile on Jesus’ face, on the faces of his little brothers and sisters, and we have shaped a generation.

To support the education of both orphans and vulnerable children with other supplementary needs such as uniforms, soap, vasline,books, pens and pencils.

To provide Bible study lessons so that these orphans and vulnerable children can grow up deeply rooted in the Word of God.

To help improve the general level of academic performance of orphans and vulnerable children. This can be done by reviewing their term reports, encouraging them to work harder, providing tutoring, through offering remedial classes.


To support the education of the 25 orphans and vulnerable children by paying school fees and other scholastic materials.

To equip these orphans and vulnerable children with Bible knowledge by regularly having Bible study on center days.

To make home visitations to assess the well-being of children in their respective homes, as well as praying with them and their care-givers.

To construct low cost structures (houses) for badly affected families. This will be done in the future as funds allow.

Agape Safaris

P.O.Box 254

Kisoro, Uganda


Phone: +256789005522  +256706276616

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